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NyE Communities Coalition

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If you,

 live in Nye or Esmeralda Counties or work for an agency or organization that serves the two counties,

 are interested in building healthy communities by preventing alcohol, tobacco & other drug abuse

 want to improve individual health through physical fitness and good nutrition;

 would like to see an increase in educational attainment and employability

 want to remove the barriers that limits access to resources, then

Come join NyE Communities Coalition (NyECC) in building a healthier community through collaboration, communication and shared responsibilities. NyECC is a wonderful organization consisting of numerous members & partner agencies, representing a wide variety of sectors and engaging youth and adults across the two counties. The goal of the coalition is to create healthy communities throughout these two counties and the state of Nevada. We encourage everyone who is interested in building healthy communities and are concerned with the future of our youth to join NyECC. Please contact us and discover the worth while work that is being done with the collaboration and commitment of people and agencies in Nye and Esmeralda counties. Join today and become involved in your community.


Join the Coalition

Start your membership registration by filling out the web form below. Alternatively, you may download and fill out the "Association Form" and send it to the fax number or email provided on the form.



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Methamphetamine Awareness
Evaluation and Community Assessment – the examination of what is really going on in our communities based on the collection and assessment of local data and information and the prioritization of our needs.
Youth leadership or youth alternative activities – the development of strong youth leaders and the promotion of local healthy activities for youth to engage in
Health and fitness of our community – the level of exercise and activity that our children and their families engage in.
Nutritional health – the purchasing and cooking of healthy and appropriate size of foods.
Substance abuse prevention programming – implementing effective programs across Nye and Esmeralda Counties
Alcohol related death and injury prevention – especially focused on underage drinking

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